Technology Venture Fellow

The Engine

Paid Internship
Hard Tech
5 months ago

About the Company/Team

The Engine, built by MIT, invests in early-stage companies solving the world’s biggest problems through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership. We accelerate the path to market for Tough Tech companies through a combination of capital, infrastructure, and network. These Tough Tech companies work in diverse arenas including advanced materials, energy, quantum computing, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biotech, food&ag, robotics, space, and more.

About the Role

We are looking for outstanding scientists, engineers and budding entrepreneurs to work together with our investment team to explore various tough tech areas and conduct scientific and technical diligence of incoming opportunities. The Technology Venture Fellowship will allow current students and postdocs to dive into areas of their interest as well as areas of strategic importance to The Engine. You will be able to apply your graduate training and scientific expertise and combine it with business-oriented thinking in the context of venture investments. For those considering an alternative path to academia, the Technology Venture Fellowship program will give you an experience rooted deeply in science and engineering while allowing you to learn about business formation and venture investments in Tough Tech. As the Technology Fellow you will: -Develop comprehensive view of the scientific research, publications, and IP of a Tough Tech sector -Understand the market dynamics, competitive landscapes, key trends (incl. regulatory trends) and market and technology gaps -Identify and connect with key players, competitors and relevant academic and industry experts - Form actionable investment theses around your research For company-specific diligence, you will: -Identify the target company’s potential competitors and partners -Identify, categorize, and prioritize the key scientific/technical risks the company has already retired versus those they are still facing -Evaluate forward-going R&D plan and strategy of the potential company -Help prepare internal investment memos You are: -Motivated by The Engine’s mission to enable tough tech entrepreneurs to create world-changing companies -PhD student (ideally 4th or 5th year) or postdoc in engineering or (applied) science, or MBA student with a strong background in an engineering or (applied) science discipline; Affiliated with one of the universities in the greater Boston area -Able to dedicate 10-15hrs per week to The Engine; -Preferentially have demonstrated significant activity in science/technology disciplines outside one's own field or work in “convergence”/interdisciplinary areas -Fast and eager learner, naturally curious and passionate about new technologies -Outstanding analytical mind with attention to detail without losing sight of the larger goals and context -Execution-driven with ability to work in a flexible, dynamic and fast-paced environment -Pro-active and self-motivated, while also taking directions well or seeking directions when needed -Able to present and communicate effectively -Bonus: growing network in the greater Boston academic and entrepreneurial ecosystem

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