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Starlings Technology

Paid Internship
4 months ago

About the Company/Team

Starlings Technology is a group of urban planners, micromobility experts, and engineers innovating and advocating for livable streets and cities. composed of two researchers from the MIT Media Lab and three entrepreneurs. Our first product is designed to enhance the safety and joy of sustainable mobility by illuminating the rider community in synchrony. Our synchronized lighting technology incentivizes existing users to ride longer and more often, and brings new users into micromobility, by enhancing each individual or group ride.

About the Role

We are looking for a motivated intern to help us develop our next-generation mobile application. The app will communicate through Bluetooth mesh to the Starlings lighting devices. The lighting system synchronizes across nearby riders, unifying their collective presence. The app's development includes building the Bluetooth communication protocol to the Starlings bike devices, designing UX/UI interface to modify different modes of the group ride, and creating exciting new creative applications for bike riding using mesh network.

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