4 months ago

About the Company/Team

We’re building a cookware that is designed to capture heat efficiently from a gas stove, leading to halving the gas costs for restaurants! Through customer conversations, we’ve identified our launching customer segment to be restaurants in India, where a mid-sized restaurant spends ~ $45k / yr on cooking gas (LPG) cost. We're acquiring purchase letter of intents from chain based restaurants (our beachhead market), proving the need for our product. While we initially focus on deevloping efficient cookwares for the commercial cooking market, our big ambition is to develop & deploy 100% circular cooking capabilities (via in-situ biodigester installations) and equip millions of farmers/restaurants globally cook sustainably! Our current prototype has won product development funding from the European Space Agency and the Dutch Government. We intend to raise our pre-seed investment round in the US shortly.

About the Role

Our ideal cofounder has the below traits: 1. Demonstrable history of creative problem-solving skills (past passion projects/academic project) 2. Solid knowledge in heat transfer analysis / CFD (or) Interested to learn it! 3. Good 3d modeling and prototyping skills 4. Willing to venture into the unknown and take up a challenge with no pre-defined path.

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