Technical Co-Founder; VP of Software Engineering


3 months ago

About the Company/Team

bosWell is a digital health company that strives to improve access to health care in community-based settings. We have raised a pre-seed round from well-known social impact foundations and angel investors. This is a rare opportunity to join the founding team of a startup that has already raised outside capital. 80% of a person's health is driven by factors outside of the doctor's office - enough food to eat, a place to sleep. Health plans and providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of these health related social needs, but they lack the ability to truly help. bosWell is here to change that. People in need are taking matters into their own hands by going to community based organizations (CBO's) like food pantries for help. These CBO's, despite being underfunded with limited staff, play an outsized role in the community's health. It's time to elevate CBO's to become an integral part of healthcare delivery, and bosWell is building the bridge to help healthcare organizations collaborate with CBO's to take care of the overall health of underserved communities. We start with food insecurity, offering food pantries a free CRM to check in individuals who receive assistance. With the data collected, we identify members who belong to specific healthcare organizations, thereby helping the healthcare organizations 1) understand how their patients experience social needs and 2) engage with CBO staff to further assist the patient with additional social and health concerns.

About the Role

The mission for the role: To serve as the technical partner on the founding team, own the development of the product suite, and build out the engineering team. Outcomes you will achieve: * Build out the core product offering that addresses the needs of food pantries, healthcare organizations, and patients - Maintain and implement new features to the food pantry software (e.g. freemium system) - Manage security, compliance, and data privacy policies, especially around HIPAA - Work regularly with customers to solicit first hand feedback - Collaborate with the founding team to define and iterate on the product roadmap * Set the long term technical vision for the solution after 3 months, so that the solution could scale rapidly * Define the vision for the engineering organization and identify key hires before the next fundraising round * Be a partner to the CEO in defining the company culture, strategy, and roadmap What you bring to the table: * Technical chops: Deep experience with full stack web development (Ruby on Rails, Redis, Heroku) - ready to hit the ground running on day one * Passion for social impact: Feel deeply passionate about what we could do for underserved communities * Proactiveness: Act without being told what to do. Always ready to lend a hand to help the team out * Growth mindset: Solicit feedback and takes action to grow as a teammate. Want to become a great people leader * Work ethic: Able to produce significant output, with a track record of working hard * Leadership: Create a fun and productive work environment where teammates can do their best work * Healthcare experience is a plus

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