Technical co-founder (and team), marketing team, and anyone interested!

Paved Path

3 months ago

About the Company/Team

We seek to create a marketplace connecting high-school students with university students attending their dream universities. We believe that university students, having recently completed college applications, best understand the current requirements and can sympathize with the students. At a low cost, we aim to support university students without burdening applicants.

About the Role

Technical co-founder: Being passionate and all-in for developing Paved Path. Would be expected to take on any role necessary at a given time, however, focusing on leading the technical team. Technical role: Developing a platform where mentors and mentees can create a profile. Upon logging in, mentees will be able to scroll through the mentors, requesting a meeting with any selected mentor according to mentor availability. Both users receive confirmation and are able to chat and call directly through the website. (Contact me for more details!) Promotion role: Recruiting university and national, leading promotion to high-school students worldwide (e.g., organizing webinars, contacting local high schools), and managing social media. All interested are welcome!

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