Entrepreneurship & Innovation Proseminar


2-0-1 [P/D/F]

About the Class


This subject is the entry-point for any MIT Sloan MBA student excited to learn more about entrepreneurship and engage with the E&I Track during their time at Sloan. E&I students are typically interested in: founding a company, joining a start-up venture, evaluating start-up ventures, becoming a corporate entrepreneur within a larger organization, or simply wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship. The subject has three learning objectives: 1) MIT Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Introduces you to the broader MIT ecosystem and provides an overview of the abundant opportunities to collaborate across campus and gain help with your own ventures. 2) Entrepreneurial Skills: Introduces you to how to gain the knowledge and tactical skills needed in entrepreneurship, which will be invaluable whether you start, join, or evaluate a startup venture. 3) Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Provides an overview of the various ways to found, grow, and accelerate a venture during your time at MIT and beyond.