Undergrad Resources

Discover recommended classes and resources for undergrads.

Undergrad Resources


Explore undergraduate classes in the MIT entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Explore undergraduate resources in the MIT entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Flux Accelerator logo

Flux Accelerator

The first on-campus accelerator built for undergraduates. It runs during the school year on a rolling basis. Team goes beyond mentorship by actually working with students on marketing, branding, product design, financials, funding, etc. Startups have gone on to prestigious accelerators such as Y Combinator

Sloan Business Club logo

Sloan Business Club

Sloan Business Club (SBC) is MIT’s premier undergraduate business organization. Through an extensive selection of events, they work to provide 1,600+ members with both an expansive business network and a solid mentorship base, enabling students to fully utilize their academic backgrounds in launching strong businesses.

Sloan Entrepreneurship Club logo

Sloan Entrepreneurship Club

The E-Club was founded in 1988 to serve MIT, Harvard, and Wellesley students, faculty, staff, alumni and select professionals. Members represent a range of experiences and backgrounds including business, engineering, arts, and sciences. Many MIT and Harvard startups have recruited club members as $100K team members, co-founding partners, and equity-sharing employees. The club focuses on helping to develop all aspects of science, engineering, and technology business creation.

StartLabs logo


StartLabs is a hub of undergraduate entrepreneurship activity at MIT. We host community events for student entrepreneurs to meet one another and find co-founders or early hires, and large, campus-wide events to increase student interest in entrepreneurship. We connect student startups to resources across campus or in industry, and help them increase publicity and exposure through our channels. Our goals are to educate members in material relevant to becoming successful entrepreneurs, to increase undergraduate interest in entrepreneurship, and to help student startups become successful.

Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) logo

Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)

VMS is open to all Boston-based members of the MIT community (students, faculty, post docs, staff and alumni) who have ideas and want to start businesses or non-profits. MIT's Venture Mentoring Service has attracted a dynamic group of volunteer mentors who give their time so that others may succeed.

MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund logo

MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund

MIT Sandbox provides up to $25K in seed funding, mentorship, and tailored entrepreneurship education that empowers student innovators to explore ideas, take risks, and prepare to launch. The goal of the program is to enable any MIT student — inspired to solve a problem with an innovative solution — to learn and experience entrepreneurship. Contact: sandbox@mit.edu

HackMIT logo


Annual hackathon held in September of each academic year

Eship Internship logo

Eship Internship

The Entrepreneurship Internship is a 10-week paid summer internship program connecting MIT undergraduate students with startups founded by MIT delta v alumni.

MIT Fuse logo

MIT Fuse

MIT fuse is a 3-week hands-on startup experience designed for students and small teams looking to work, think, and talk like an entrepreneur and start the path towards becoming a company.

StartMIT logo


StartMIT is a 2.5 week program over January Independent Activities Period (IAP) that aims to give any student who is curious about entrepreneurship, an introduction to the skillset and spirit it requires, and exposure to the amazing resources available at MIT to continue the journey after the class. If you are someone who has been looking to get started on an idea that’s been ruminating, explore the commercialization of a technology that you’ve been working on in the lab, or simply better understand what forming a new venture looks and feels like, StartMIT is right for you. The course is open to any student on campus (including post-docs) who is looking to gain more exposure to entrepreneurship in a peer environment. The main activities of StartMIT are: -Networking with your peers -Listening to our guest entrepreneur speakers -Doing independent exercises to apply what you’ve learned -Working with small groups on your entrepreneurial ideas -1:1 support with MIT Entrepreneurs in Residence