Israel Lab: Startup Nation's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem



About the Class


Experiential study of Israel's innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Provides context about the country and its social and geopolitical issues, as they pertain to doing business in Israel. Explores the role entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, multinational corporations, and other play in this unique ecosystem by hearing from key stakeholders. Teaches McKinsey process for successful consulting engagements and what makes for high performing teams. Student teams travel to Tel-Aviv during IAP to work with and consult for host companies on strategic managerial issues in tech industries such as: AI/ML, big data/analytics, quantum computing, advanced life sciences, robotics, fintech, cybersecurity, and web3.0. Provides students an opportunity to work with startup executives looking to scale and to meet with their venture capitalist backers. Leveraging the historic Abraham Accords offers projects at Israeli companies based in the UAE.