Venture Creation Tactics



About the Class


Advanced, intensive, project-based subject intended for solo-founders or startup teams already working on building a new, high-impact venture, with a refined business plan. Supports students in their development of data to derisk the opportunity of pursuing a new venture full-time for founders, investors, and new recruits. This lab-style class promotes rapid experimentation by connecting the dots from the frameworks, concepts, and first principles covered in the introductory entrepreneurship courses and guides students on how to tactically apply them in real-world situations. Topics include advanced early go-to-market, enhanced target customer profile and persona development, digital advertising, outbound sales, UX design, rapid prototyping, recruiting early team members, and executing a fundraising plan. Application required; consult instructor. All students welcome, including undergraduates and cross-registered students. No listeners. To apply to Venture Creation Tactics, please go to this link: