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Tech2Market - Spring 2024 Tech2Market is a 6-credit course that provides graduate students with an immersive experience into early-stage entrepreneurship. If accepted, you will be partnered with a faculty founder at Brown or MIT to drive technology commercialization. The course is focused on deep-tech ventures, and will combine a semester-long project alongside instruction in market identification, design at scale, and commercialization strategies. Class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4 at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Applications received on or before December 31st will be given priority selection. Application closes January 26th at 11:59pm. Apply here: Information on the potential partner ventures can be found here: Please note that while the ventures are fixed for the spring semester, the exact project scope of work will be tailored to the skillset of the student team and needs of the venture before the start of the course. In true entrepreneurship fashion, you should be excited by the venture and open to a variety of different projects that may arise as part of the commercialization path. Potential projects could include: -Customer discovery and market segmentation -Primary market research -Investigating customer acquisition and sales strategy (including calculation of customer lifetime value and cost of customer acquisition) -Building out a robust financial model and 5 year projections -Competitor and pricing analysis

CSAIL Startup Connect

What are the Benefits of the CSAIL Start-up Connect Program? CSAIL Startup Connect is a program for CSAIL startups through CSAIL Alliances. It is for early stage startups < 5-years-old and < $5 million in revenues. Through this program, CSAIL startups will be able to utilize select benefits of the CSAIL Alliances Program at NO COST. Invitations to lectures and member-only workshops Ability to send up to 5 representatives to the CSAIL Alliances Program Annual Meeting, which showcases the latest research from the lab, as well as student projects and start ups Connect with other CSAIL Alliances members Host recruiting events in the lab and participate in lab 'talent showcases' Attend Startup Connect events during the year to network with CSAIL researchers, students and member companies of Alliances and research initiatives How do I join? Contact CSAIL Alliances Assistant Director, Steve Lewis, at: and be sure to include your company's contact information, a brief description, your connection to CSAIL (i.e. current student, professor, alum) and confirm your start-ups eligibility (<5 years, <$5M).


Join us for Pitch2Match and find your co-founder or next team member! Hear students from MIT and many other colleges and universities from Greater Boston pitch their skills, ambition and hustle—all in 60 seconds each. Meet talented individuals to team up with and make an impact. This is an incredible opportunity to share your skills and build your network.


Hard-tech companies face significant hurdles to success, especially in their early stages. For example, these startups typically spend their first few years and first few million dollars just to create the facilities they need to develop their technology. The premise of START.nano is that early access to MIT.nano’s state-of-the-art laboratories can minimize the cost of launching a nascent idea, helping increase the survival rate of promising companies and potentially shortening the time it takes for their innovations to reach the market. For 2021, the primary benefit for the START.nano participants will be discounted access to MIT.nano’s cleanrooms, characterization tools, and other laboratories. MIT.nano’s staff will use this pilot year to explore with the companies what programmatic support START.nano can incorporate to boost the success of hard-tech ventures.