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MIT DHIVE is an educational internship program that provides an opportunity for MIT students to dive into healthcare entrepreneurship. MIT DHIVE Summer 2022 invites undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in healthcare entrepreneurship to apply for an 8-week (6/6-7/29) sponsored internship program: - Learn more about the needs and challenges of urgent health issues from the experts in the field - Engage in ideation and team formation activities - Transform ideas into viable solutions DHIVE summer 2022 healthcare tracks: 1. Down Syndrome and Similar Disabilities enhance the lives of people with Down Syndrome and different intellectual abilities or challenges; offered in partnership with the MIT Deshpande Center 2. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - empower patients and transform the approach to the maintenance of chronic diseases; offered in partnership with the MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics 3. Long Covid and Lyme Disease – develop novel methods and technologies to address the range of issues caused by chronic infectious diseases 4. Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation – collaborate with Catalyst innovation teams to advance entrepreneurial health-tech projects, and engage with a diverse, international network of health care and technology leaders; a partnership with the MIT linQ Catalyst program. Program highlights: - 8-week program June 6 - July 29 - Educational talks focused on the challenges and unmet needs related to the DHIVE track - Entrepreneurship-focused workshops and mentorship Opportunity to continue in MIT Sandbox in the Fall. Participation options: Paid Internship: - Degree-seeking MIT graduate and undergraduate students from any department who can commit at least 20 hours/week. - MIT graduate students on RAship who can devote 10 hours per week. Unpaid Internship: - Anyone interested in biomedical innovation who is able to devote at least 10 hours per week. - We welcome post-docs, non-MIT students, and non-students

Adventure Finance: How to Create a Funding Journey that Blends Profit and Purpose

The venture capital model doesn’t work―at least not for 99% of startups and small businesses. In this 99% are a lot of companies with incredible potential: businesses headed by female founders and those from diverse racial backgrounds, organizations headquartered outside of venture capital hubs, and purpose-driven enterprises that are creating social and environmental impact alongside financial success. Counter to what the press-savvy venture capital world would have you believe, there are a lot of funding options out there for startups and small businesses. Adventure Finance is designed to help you understand some of these options, and walk you through real examples of how other founders and funders have put them to use. In simple, approachable language, the book breaks down the different types of funding options available from revenue-based financing to recoverable grants to redeemable equity to distributed ownership and more. Through a mix of storytelling and research-based frameworks, based on a decade of research and experience in investing in early-stage companies, this book will give you the ability to determine how each of these structures can contribute to your own funding journey. The goal for this book is to shift the conversation about startup funding and help founders and funders widen the spectrum of “mainstream” investment options in order to make the venture financing world more inclusive and purpose-driven.


DIY MTC is a self-guided learning platform for aspiring entrepreneurs at MIT and beyond. Entrepreneurs can use resources and tools on this platform to learn entrepreneurial frameworks, skills and tools at their own pace.

Inclusive Innovation Grant Program

A grant program supporting undergraduate students who identify as underrepresented minorities at MIT

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