Entrepreneurial Sales



About the Class


“40 years ago when I joined IBM one of the parts of the program they put us through in the training program was “sales”. I will never forget it and it was incredibly helpful through my career. It was training us how to sell multi-million dollar mainframe computers.” -Bill Aulet In 1998 Howard Anderson started one of the first Sales courses at a business school at MIT Sloan from the same center of gravity. The course has continued built off this foundation and been one of the most successful courses at MIT. However, as we look at the course and the challenges that business leaders are facing, we’ve seen just how much the revenue landscape has transformed. With that, we’ve taken an opportunity to evolve the class beyond how to be a better sales person or manager to instead focus on how to be a Chief Revenue Officer. The course will still cover integral sales skills, but will revolve around four fundamental Go-To-Market business models and will explore how a CRO can identify, build and execute on the right model for their business. This includes not only building out a sales organization, but also the underlying tech stack and revenue operations required to measure results and sustain competitive advantage. Each class will cover the relevant core first principles per topic and include an industry expert speaker to provide context and share valuable lessons learned throughout their careers. This course is highly relevant to anyone interested in building a business or better understanding how to drive revenue at scale.