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Mayflower Venues

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4 months ago

About the Company/Team

Mayflower is an online platform that connects couples looking for a wedding venue with unique, open spaces (farms, orchards, fields, land trusts, etc.) that allow more customization than traditional venues. The Mayflower platform provides the marketplace and service capabilities to enable open space properties across New England to host custom weddings. Mayflower empowers couples to create a truly personalized wedding while at the same time delivering new revenue to rural properties so they can remain “open” for generations to come. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to onboard venues in a way that lets couples plan and coordinate these custom setups online. Our proprietary Mayflower Venues app collects the data to generate venue specific schematics and planning tools that simplify the logistics -- like finding vendors in your area, telling the caterer how many feet of hose or electric cord they will need, or making sure the tent is set up where you want it.

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