Paid Internship
4 months ago

About the Company/Team

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who want to transform food waste into meaningful supply chain analytics and bio-fuel for communities disproportionately impacted by climate change.

About the Role

Are you a quirky and adventurous hard worker in climate tech, food waste, and not afraid to get your hands dirty!? I am seeking a part-time paid intern based in Cambridge to build the world's largest free image database of food waste images!! Yes, this means jumping in some garbage bins, but don’t worry, you’ll be suited up in cool looking hazmat gear and top of the line camera tech 😃 This role will support the revamp of my food waste analytics startup WiraLab's ML software. Other things you'll be exposed to in this role include talks with industry leading angel investors in climate tech, climate justice research and white papers (possible author credit as well), alternative fuel development, multi-modal sensors, computer vision, 3D printing, hardware production, and more!! We are a dynamic team with 20 years combined experience in software/hardware product development and climate tech, and are running our second live pilot in San Francisco and Cambridge in Spring 2022. Please reach out if interested by 1/30 to!!

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