Product Formulation Lead


Full-Time Employment
Hard Tech
3 months ago

About the Company/Team

Unsmudgeable is building an environmentally friendly permanent anti-smudge eyewear lens coating. This coating provides eyewear users a consistent clear line of vision leading to increased safety, productivity, and convenience in a one time application.

About the Role

Unsmudgeable is looking for someone who is interested in helping calibrate the curing process and composition of an exciting polymer and green chemistry project. If you wear glasses, sunglasses, or even safety goggles, you know how difficult it is to keep them smudge free. Unsmudgeable's green permanent anti-smudge eyewear lens coating aims to change that in a one time application. By helping assist the curing and composition calibration, you are taking an active role in helping all eyewear users be more safe and productive consistently.

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