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3 months ago

About the Company/Team

PerZeption is an FDA-registered medical device startup that offers vision diagnostics that are used in clinics and remotely. Our software is deployed on all-in-one computers for distance and tablets for near/remote measurements. Through a patented platform technology, we offer tests for standard visual functions (e.g., visual acuity, color detection, contrast sensitivity function) and additional functions (e.g. pattern or motion sensitivity). Each single test is guided by a response-adaptive algorithm, allowing rapid, highly-sensitive personalized diagnostics. Our tests are self-administered, do not require staff, save chair-time, increase productivity in the clinic, allow monitoring prior/post treatment, and pre visit screening remotely. Because of the large data sets our tests generate, we are able to implement classification and clustering machine learning models for enhanced diagnostic precision.

About the Role

We are looking for a software engineer, full-stack or back-end, ideally with experience and a track record in cloud architecture,AWS. Experience and a track record in gamification is a plus. Prior experience in MedTech or BioTech and/or ophthalmology is a plus. Depending on your skills and level of experience, we are offering opportunities ranging from permanent involvement with stock options to a project-specific internship. Additionally, if you have a business degree (e.g. MBA) and would like to work with a our MedTech startup in regards of business, finance, fund-raising, marketing, reach out.

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