MIT students (at least 1 year studentship remaining), who have interest on digital health startup building.

Smart Health Gantt Chart (SHGC)

a year ago

About the Company/Team

Smart Health Gantt Chart (SHGC) is a unique visualization system to collect, store, analyze, and visualize the life-long medical history of an individual. The SHGC that we are developing focuses on three main objectives: (1) Quick and accurate view of life-long Past Medical History, (2), Collection of Medical History by following healthcare data standards, and (3) Doctors’ discipline-based visualization. The SHGC system is currently in its developmental stage. Upon completion of the prototype, it will undergo testing by incorporating medical histories. Approximately 50,000 medical data from the Portable Health Clinic (PHC) system are planned to be integrated into the SHGC system to evaluate its functionality and gauge its performance.

About the Role

looking for 2 co-founders, 1 from an IT background who can help in the development/quality issues of the system and another one from a business background who can help to accelerate this as a startup. Contact for more information.

1. Opportunity to become a co-founder 2. Strong advisory team and 10 years experience in healthcare 3. Huge market to implement this idea

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